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Argo-Evo 360 Al

Argo-Evo 360 Al

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Argo-Evo is a premium quality inflatable boat that provides a high level of reliability and performance.

Its multi-chamber tube is made from innovative high-density 1100g/m2 carbon-style PVC with multiple safety features. Reinforced inflatable wedge provides ultra-smooth performance. The innovative design ensures the most convenient assembly/disassembly.

Perfect for true anglers, this professional class boat can be equipped with 4 Scotty bases so that every tool has its place.
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Argo-Evo inflatable boats represent a line of high quality premium class fishing boats. The gold standard for serious anglers. When you choose the Argo-Evo brand, you get a professional class boat that offers excellent performance, safety and versatility.

The highly reliable Argo Evo inflatable tubes are made from an innovative 1100 g/m2 Carbon style PVC fabric. Additional safety pipes have three chambers, each with an air valve and a pressure relief valve. All pipe power seams are welded, which ensures high strength and hermeticity, allows the boat to be operated at temperatures up to plus 45°C without risk of deformation or seam gap.
PVC pipes have a 3-year warranty.

The Argo-Evo is equipped with an inflatable wedge, which is additionally strengthened by protective tape on the outside of the bottom. The floor assembly is non-slip aluminum that protects the bottom from the inside from scratches or punctures.
The special feature of the Argo-Evolution series is the constructive balance between strength and flexibility. Safe operation and movement thanks to the use of durable materials on the one hand and more convenient assembly/disassembly of the boat on the other.

In addition to the standard accessory kit for inflatable boats, the Argo-Evo includes 4 heavy duty D-rings on the bow of the boat for a bow storage bag.

For professional anglers, the boat can be equipped with 4 glued Scotty (Canada) bases, which can be used to mount a cup holder, fish finder, chart plotter, lure, video camera, fishing rod holders and other accessories. Every tool has its place.

Working conditions: from -10оС to +45оС
Storage conditions: from -20оС to +60оС

Made in China.


  • Laivas tips - Piepūšama
  • Materiāls - PVC
  • Krāsa - Melna, karbona stila
  • Laivas garums, cm - 360
  • Laivas platums, cm - 170
  • Iekšējais garums, cm - 230
  • Iekšējais platums, cm - 80
  • Grīdas veids - Saliekama alumīnija
  • Cilvēku skaits - 5
  • Laivas svars, kg -66
  • kravnesība, kg - 599
  • Pilna masa, kg - 665
  • Ķīlis - Piepūšams
  • Ieteicamā dzinēja jauda, zs - 9.9-15
  • Maksimālā dzinēja jauda, zs - 20
  • Tranča veids - Stacionārs
  • Tranča augsutms, mm - 381
  • Balona diametrs, cm - 45
  • Balona PVC blīvums, g/m2 - 1100
  • Grīdas PVC blīvums, g/m2 - 1100
  • Gaisa kameras, skaits - 3+1
  • Ieteicamais spiediens balonā, bar - 0.25
  • Ieteicamais spiediens grīdā, bar - 0.8
  • CE kategorija - D
  • Paredzētā lietošana - Upes, ezeri, piekraste
  • Iepakojuma izmēri, cm -
  • Svars kopā, kg -


Visām Argo-Evo laivām ir 3 gadu garantija šuvēm. Pārējām detaļām un materiāliem ir 2 gadu garantija.