Argo boats - made for adventure, ready for extremes

In ancient Greek mythology, the Argo is the ship on which the Argonauts embark on a perilous journey in search of the Golden Fleece. Our Argo boats will take you to the most inaccessible places of seas, rivers and lakes, in the name of wonderful adventures and unusual trophies.

  • Thanks to top-class innovative technologies, every boat in the Argo line is a combination of a strong hull, an efficient engine, endless accessories and incredible engineering solutions that are time-tested.

  • Each boat is made by hand and undergoes individual control to receive a perfect product from our customer.

  • We are an experienced and dedicated team that ensures the highest product quality, creating maximum consumer demand for every boat we build.

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  • Impeccable quality

  • Affordable price

  • Wide range of accessories

  • Direct manufacturer's warranty